Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV Warrior






The new 7250 TTV Warrior is a special limited-edition model for the toughest jobs on field and road. Its mission is maximum productivity – with a brilliant black finish that reflects brilliant bottom-line figures. This visually striking tractor delivers 246 hp (181 kW) and features a range of trademark German characteristics: Top quality, precision engineering and reliability are all standard equipment. As is the cutting-edge technology that drives down costs while protecting the environment. Innovative and intelligent tractor technology ensures that the 7250 TTV WARRIOR makes the right statement about your professionalism – while you enjoy the exceptional comfort of the MaxiVision 2 cab. Intuitive controls, precision farming systems, innovative axle and brake system concepts, and attachment points for the heaviest equipment combinations round off a truly special edition package.  What makes him a WARRIOR is the brilliant black fi nish, WARRIOR lettering, WARRIOR LED lights package, WARRIOR comfort seat, automatic climate control, fl oor mat, double-glazed rear glass and LED lighting for external controls. No matter how tough the season gets, the 7250 TTV WARRIOR lets you get even tougher.