Malone Grass Topper Procut 2000




Built for tractors from 30HP upwards this topper is ideal to tackle growth up to 30mm diameter. It is fitted with two heavy duty blades which are fixed to a single rotor on a direct drive from a centrally mounted gearbox.

This gearbox is specifically designed for this type of machine as it has an extended bearing housing and heavy duty barings to support the cutting rotor.

Power is transmitted through a heavy duty P.T.O. shaft which is fitted with a shearbolt torque limiter. This protects the transmission from overload. Cutting height adjustment is by two side-mounted, wide based skids. This machine needs a tractor with minimum hp 30 and maximum hp 60.


  • Bevel Gearbox drive with shear bolt protection
  • Floating A-frame allowing clean cut of even pasture.
  • Extra heavy duty hardened blades which swing back to avoid foreign objects.
  • Semi off-set
  • Easily adjustable skids
  • Light weight