McHale Fusion 4 Integrated Baler Wrapper



The McHale Fusion 4 is a robust, fully automatic, integrated baler wrapper recognised worldwide for its unique patented bale transfer, vertical wrapping ring and high output.

The machine is equipped with a 25-knife chopping unit, automatic progressive greasing system and a servo operated load sensing control valve, which when combined with the Expert Plus control console, makes the baling and wrapping process fully automatic. The machine is fitted with 560/60-22.5 tyres as standard.

Features include:

  • 2.1m Profi-Flo Pick-Up
  • 25 Knife Heavy Duty Feed Rotor
  • Drop Floor Unblocking System
  • 50 & 55 mm Bale Chamber Bearings
  • 1¼” Chain on the Bale Chamber
  • Automatic Progressive Greasing System
  • Automatic Oiling System
  • Expert Plus Control Console (Large Graphic Display)
  • 560/60-22.5 Tyres
  • 18 Roller Bale Chamber
  • 4 Bar Pivot Stretch Netter
  • Vertical Wrapping Ring with Film Break Sensors