McHale Fusion Vario Integrated Baler Wrapper



The McHale Fusion Vario is a fully automatic variable chamber integrated baler wrapper, which consists of a high output baler and a vertical wrapping ring. The machine benefits from two unique patents; a patented bale transfer system and a patented vertical wrapping ring.

The Fusion Vario also has the ability to make bales of hay and straw from 0.6m to 1.68m (2′ – 5′ 6 “) but in haylage or silage, it produces bales from 1m to 1.45m  (3′ 3 ” – 4′ 8 “) to allow for wrapping.

Standard specification:

  • 2.1 metre, five tine bar pick up
  • Crop roller
  • 15 Knife chopper system with heavy duty rotor
  • Drop floor unblocking system
  • Drop floor sensor
  • Double drive variable bale chamber
  • 3 belt bale chamber with endless belts
  • Bale shape indicators
  • Patented bale transfer delivering higher output
  • High speed vertical wrapping ring
  • i Touch control system
  • Inbuilt camera system
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Mechanical tailgate locking