McHale Fusion 3 Pro Integrated Baler Wrapper



The McHale Fusion 3 Pro is a fully automatic integrated baler wrapper which is controlled by the iTouch control console. The McHale Fusion 3 Pro provides new levels of operator comfort with its large 7″ touch screen monitor, in-cab net and density adjustment, camera, and faster wrapping speeds along with a host of other features. The McHale Fusion 3 Pro uses net to bind the bale in the chamber and features the McHale patented bale transfer and vertical wrapping ring, which are noted for their reliability, speed and positive bale transfer in hilly conditions.

Other features include:

  • Automatic drop floor reset
  • Automatic drop knife feature
  • End of wrapping roll function
  • Bale tip speed adjustment
  • Output for controlling a crop additive applicator
  • Rest total reminder
  • USB export feature

Optional extra’s include:

  • Bale weighing system
  • Bale moisture recording
  • Optional receipt printer
  • Camless pickup
  • Selectable knives
  • Net loading device
  • Side tip
  • Tyres